Brand Identity

Stand out. Be remembered. Build loyalty. That's the power of your brand identity.






January 2, 2021

Work Overview:

Delivering a comprehensive brand style guide, often called a brand bible to build a strong and recognizable brand identity for Bravo. It's was a roadmap that ensuredconsistency across all ther marketing materials, from website design to social media posts.


  1. Cohesion: Maintain a consistent look and feel across all platforms, from website to social media posts to packaging.
  2. Brand Voice: Establish a clear and consistent tone of voice that reflects the brand personality (professional, friendly, quirky, etc.).
  3. Clarity: Provide clear and easy-to-understand guidelines for anyone creating content for the brand, ensuring all messaging aligns with the brand identity.
  4. Brand Recognition: Over time, consistent use of the elements in the style guide will lead to increased brand recognition.

Scope of Work:

Defining your brand DNA.

  • Brand Foundation: We established a mission statement, vision, target audience, and core values.
  • Visual Identity: We defined the look and feel of the brand. We delivered the logo usage guidelines, color palette with specific color codes, and typography choices for headlines, body text, etc.
  • Brand Voice: This goes beyond just grammar and punctuation. It defines the personality you want your brand to convey – friendly and approachable, sophisticated and authoritative, or something else entirely.
  • Additional Elements: We also covered things like photography style, iconography, and even data visualization preferences.
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